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Our Identity

We either get our identity from a vertical relationship as a believer in Christ or horizontally from experiences, relationships, etc. And nobody has a greater influence on me...than I do. That is because I talk to myself more than anyone else. I am with me...well, all the time.

And I am talking to myself about everything from how I feel, to what I need to be doing, to what I should not be doing...constantly preaching to myself and the message is either the true Gospel of sufficient grace or it is an anti-gospel of inability or self-righteousness.

I am so grateful for the calling on my life. Thank God for our wonderful church Beams of Light at Sapulpa. But listen, "Pastor" does not define me. My identity is this: I am a child of The Most High God, in daily need of His loving grace and powered sufficiently to meet every step of every day, trusting in The One that can never fail. O am His instrument as well as a recipient of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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