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But Until Then...One Thing Needed

It is hard to believe that we have started this new year of 2017 and are already at the end of the first month. We only have a few days left until we are actually into the second month of the new year!

The distractions...the busy schedules...the responsibilities and demands of life...have not really changed all that much since the holidays where we assigned "hectic" activity to everything related to the season. The reality is that "life" is a non-stop constant. It is without the second-hand clicking of the clock keeps time and time keeps us clicking. But, ONE THING IS NEEDED.

Our choice today is along the lines of a Martha or Mary (Luke 10:38-42). What is the one thing you need to give attention to today? Answer = Time with God. (Note: Not activities in His Name but spending time in His Presence) It is often difficult for us to give ourselves and our attention to earnestly enjoying time with God. Many are active "doing things" for God, praying/asking for things from God but this is not the ONE THING NEEDED.

Many are the opportunities with a new year. Therefore as born-again believers in Jesus Christ, our walk can either be routine as we cling to the old ways of simply existing or in newness of His Spirit with every step we take. A close walk with God is not only attainable but expected once we know who we really are in Jesus Christ. The focus of our attention should be on God because after all, His steady eye is on us. His thoughts embrace us with an everlasting love that cannot be comprehended in the natural emotions or human understanding. not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. - Romans 12:2

Be encouraged to release your tight grip on the things of the past. That goes for the things counted as" bad", those counted as "ugly" and even those counted as "good". Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never least in this life, but we have His promise that for this entire journey - we are never left alone, never forsaken and never forgotten.

God's attention span on you is infinite! He is never distracted from you. He cares and longs to be with you. In fact, heaven is being adorned with you in His mind...but until then "My heart can sing when I pause to remember, A heartache here is but a stepping stone. Along a path that's always winding upward, This troubled world is not my final home. But until then my heart will go on singing, Until then with joy I'll carry on - Until the day my eyes behold that city, Until the day God calls me home."

ONE THING NEEDED - the choice is ours.

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