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Food For The Soul

Spiritual Downgrade

The All-Important Thing is to be sure we know what God wants — to be certain we are following the leading of the Holy Spirit in things that really matter. Changes should never down-grade our spiritual status. Today we believe many Christians have been overcome by...

Beams of Light

We trust you will enjoy some archives from a giant of faith, Bro. Glenn Hunt. We will see you on the other side dear brother.

Malinda's Corner

Another trusted Saint and Sister in The Lord who passed along wonderful truths...please enjoy and share.

When I heard the Great Gospel Story, I was Born Again at the age of 9, and I began my Christian Life.  Then at the age of 10, I followed the Lord in Water Baptism and Arose Up to Walk in the Newness of Life.  One night while I was attending a Robber’s Cave Summer Camp Meeting, I was filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 12.  While I was praying to be filled with the Holy Spirit, it was about 10:30 pm, when the Holy Spirit took over my language and gave me a new prayer language I had not heard before.  For the following two hours, I was carried away in the spirit receiving an Anointing for Christian service that would abide with me throughout all the days of my Christian Life.

Who we become...

We become a member of the family of God...



Just over 3 years ago…

My husband Don was informed he needed a kidney transplant. He only had one functioning kidney and it only worked 10%. He was started on Dialysis and put on a transplant waiting list. For two and a half years he did well, but he was beginning to feel bad. During his doctor’s appointment on September 22 I was telling his nurse we needed to pray for him. He just needed a kidney. He was tired of waiting and just did not feel good. She said, “I will do better than that. I will pray he gets a kidney before the end of the month.”

By Cindy Ann Newell

just as you are


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